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Message of His Excellency President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to the Philippine Society of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery and to the APLA Congress

My warmest greetings to the Philippine Society of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery as you hold your 66th Annual Convention and 2nd APLA Congress, in cooperation with the Philippine Academy of Laryngobronchoesophagology and the Phoniatrics and the Asia Pacific Laryngology Association.

These trying times have tested your resilience as noble professionals whose lifelong duty is to serve those afflicted. On behalf of a grateful nation, let me express my deepest appreciation and respect to the members of your organizations for all your hard work and sacrifices not only before and during the COVID-19 pandemic but also for the current challenges that we continue to face.

I welcome your effort to hold a wide and meaningful discussion of your field’s trends and breakthroughs to advance your highly specialized practice in the country. With your display of initiative, mastery, and conscientiousness, I am confident that you will continuously provide invaluable support to those who require your expert services.

As medical frontliners, may you inspire those in your discipline to remain committed to improving the well-being of the Filipino people. Join me in realizing our hopes for a united and stronger Philippines.

I wish you a successful event.


1 December 2022

The President of the Philippines