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Annual Convention Primer
for PSO-HNS Fellows, Convention Delegates
and Guests


  • Pre-Registered delegates can get their convention kit and badge at the registration booth, near the entrance of the foyer area, Lower Ground floor, EDSA Shangri-la Hotel, starting November 30 at 7pm.
  • Onsite registration will be entertained at the Batanes Room on December 1, 2022 at 8am
  • Kindly present your COVID-19 vaccination card (minimum of 2 doses) upon issuance of the Convention kit.

*Unvaccinated delegates and guests will need to present a negative RT-PCR taken within the last 48 hours prior to entry.

Convention Venue Guidelines

  • Please wear your Convention ID (included in the Convention kit) to enter the Foyer area and Marquee Tent Hall at the Second floor
  • You will need to present your food stubs, attached to your Convention ID, in order to receive your meals.  Alternative meal options are available only for those who have declared their food restrictions in their registration form.  We will accept additional declarations of food restrictions only until November 21. 
  • The Isla Ballroom has a capacity of 700 pax and is the main plenary venue.
  • The Palawan Ballroom with a capacity of 216 will serve as secondary plenary, Subspecialty Academy Symposia, Laryngology Quiz Bee venue
  • Additional spillover rooms will be at the Boracay and Batanes rooms.
  • Please visit all of the Sponsors’ booths located at the Foyer area, Mactan room and Marquee tent, available starting December 1, 9:30am, to December 3, 5pm. Completion of the Sponsor Booth Passport is up to December 3, 12 noon only, to qualify for the Fellowship Night Grand Raffle Draw. Other booths may have separate promotional raffles.
  • Remember to visit the following at the Mactan Room:
    • PJOHNS Booth for queries
    • Midyear Convention 2023 Booth hosted by CELENT Chapter for early bird registration.
  • Other room assignments are as follows:
    • Basilan – Speakers’ Viewing Room
    • Lubang – Secretariat
    • Dapitan, Sulu, Bohol – Hospitality Suite / Holding area
    • Mactan – Membership Committee Booth, Midyear Convention 2023 Booth, PJO-HNS Booth and Sponsors’ Booths
    • Boracay – Subspecialty Academy and Chapter General Membership Meetings
    • Batanes – On-Site Registration (Dec. 1); COMELEC/BOT voting area (Dec. 2)
    • Bohol – Research Poster (APLA and Local)
  • We have in-place and roving security during the convention but please be mindful of your belongings at all times. You may use the hotel concierge for temporary safekeeping of belongings
  • A photo wall is available at the lobby of the Marquee Tent. Please use this area for selfies and groupies. Showcase your beautiful smiles!
  • Other information such as Conference guidelines, vicinity map and floor plan is available in the souvenir program (included in the Convention kit), or visit our website

Attendance and Certificates

  • A general attendance sheet needs to be signed upon claiming your Registration Kit.
  • Attendance will also be collected per day, in compliance with PRC CPD Requirements.  There will be scanners at the entrance to the ballroom area to scan the QR code on your Convention IDs.  You only need to be scanned once per day to record your attendance. 
  • During some of the sponsored plenaries, QR codes for attendance specific to the sponsored plenary may be flashed on-screen. 
  • Please make sure to accomplish all lecture evaluations by the end of Day 3.  You may access the evaluation forms starting December 1 by scanning the QR code or clicking this link.
  • There will be a 10-point assessment included with the course evaluation. This is a prerequisite for CPD units.
  • Certificates will be forwarded with CPD units via registered email. 

Membership Committee

  • Please visit the Membership Committee Booth at Mactan Room to pay for annual dues and issuance of certificate of good standing, if needed

Emergency Situations

  • The hotel offers a 24/7 Clinic for your urgent / non urgent medical needs. A hotel physician is available from 9am to 4pm
  • For emergency medical needs, our partner hospital is Victor R. Potenciano (VRP) Medical Center located at 163 Epifanio de los Santos Ave, Mandaluyong, 1501 Metro Manila at your own accord.
  • In case of fire or earthquake, follow standard precaution protocols. Guest services announcements will be relayed through the hotel public address system. There is a reserved open parking area as an evacuation area. 
  • Symptomatic delegates and guests will follow the hotel’s infection control protocol.